Dreaming Never Ends

Year after year the NW Natural Street of Dreams inspires and surprises me. Sure, I’m a luxury builder who stays on top of the trends, but often times it’s this showcase of homes that brings about the most creativity for myself and the entire Westlake Development team. Our 5,200 square foot European farmhouse is [...]

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Fairway Manor: Where old world charm meets a relaxed lifestyle

As the weather gets warmer, and the NW Natural Street of Dreams draws closer, our team at Westlake Development can’t help but get more and more excited about this year’s build. We are especially happy to officially announce the name of our 5,200 square foot English farmhouse: the Fairway Manor! As an English-styled home [...]

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A Virtual Tour of the American Spirit | 2014 Street of Dreams

We invite you to take a 720º  virtual tour through the beautiful American Spirit on the 2014 Street of Dreams in Happy Valley, Oregon. Click below to explore the two-story home we at Westlake Development designed. Clicking the blue dots will take you to the welcoming great room, expansive kitchen, plush master bedroom, upstairs rec room, and spacious patio (which [...]

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