Made in America Homes

Increasing the use of American-made products in construction projects by just 5% could add $4 billion of incremental value and support close to 65,000 direct manufacturing jobs. At Westlake Development Group, we believe in giving back to our country and our community by choosing to build with American materials. Gerald and his team are passionate about building Made in America homes whenever possible to support the economy and local businesses.

Did you know? If every builder used just 5% more American materials, we could create more than 220,000 jobs right now.

What Is a Made in America Home?

The Building a Better America Council certifies homes as Made in America when at least 97% of the products used in construction were made here in the United States.

The Building a Better America Council

A segment of ABC News’ “Made in America” series first sparked Gerald’s interest in Made in America homes in 2011. The series profiled a Montana builder who was building a home with all American-made materials. Soon after, Rowlett built his first such home in Lake Oswego and has added more and more to his portfolio ever since. He founded the nonprofit Building a Better America Council in 2012 as a way to take the movement even further. Not only does it certify Made in America homes, but it also makes it easier for builders to find materials through a database of products that are registered as being Made in America.

“We have the buy local, build local approach, and that helps create jobs. For all of us as builders to be able to help do that and make an impact on the community, that’s a great feeling.”


“We are trying to do as much Made in America as we can, and we’ve gotten a lot of strong support for that.”


Our Made in America Projects


In 2013 Westlake Development Group completed the first home of its kind in the nation: a Made in America home on the Street of Dreams, appropriately named “American Dream.” The show home was the first-ever Building a Better America Council certified “Made in America” home: more than 97% of the products used to construct it were made right here in the USA, including:

• Locally/USA specified home furnishing, decor, and paint
• Nuts, bolts, and other hardware
• Reclaimed barn wood in the rec room
• Much more


Gerald’s first Made in America home in Lake Oswego was the one that started it all for Westlake Development Group. Watch Diane Sawyer & David Muir’s segment on Made in America products featuring Gerald and his first Made in America home!


In 2014, Westlake Development Group came back with yet another American-made effort, the next Street of Dreams show house, American Spirit, made it to just above 90 percent Made in America materials. Among many components and materials, that includes the VOC-inhaling AirRenew gypsum board and patio doors from Panoramic Doors in California.

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