Year after year the NW Natural Street of Dreams inspires and surprises me.

Sure, I’m a luxury builder who stays on top of the trends, but often times it’s this showcase of homes that brings about the most creativity for myself and the entire Westlake Development team. Our 5,200 square foot European farmhouse is one of those spaces that brings everyone comfort and joy.

It’s easy to picture ourselves with family, friends and co-workers sharing a zen place that offers relaxation and entertainment.

A couple of the surprises include the solarium or garden space. It’s a relatively small room, but it’s chock-full of ideas. Guests are enjoying the windows and the brightness. In Oregon, we have our share of damp, rainy days and with a solarium you can stay dry and keep up with your plants in the comfort of your own home. Plus, your pets may also enjoy their own little perch, away from it all.

Windows Galore!

The home is complete with more than a hundred windows, allowing natural light to shine throughout the house. Each window features black trim, which brings a stunning contrast to the grey, cream and charcoal colors. Charcoal is repeated in the metal roof, iron railings and French doors. Along with natural lighting, the bedrooms, dining spaces, and living spaces all feature elegant and energy efficient light fixtures selected from Globe Lighting.

The average electric and natural gas bill is estimated at $160 a month, according to Energy Trust of Oregon.

Farmhouse Dining

With the popular HGTV show Fixer Upper, the farmhouse style has gained a lot of momentum, capturing a large market share. What we didn’t expect, though, is the mass appeal of the formal dining space and oversized kitchen island to those strolling through the Street of Dreams. For the past several years, formal dining sort of took a back seat. Now it seems whether it’s a family night or corporate get together, people are gravitating toward the kitchen and dining space, just as you would imagine in a farmhouse.

Our homeowners desired a kitchen space perfect for cooking as well as entertaining. As a result, Macadam Floor and Design provided us with the massive kitchen island, made from multiple slabs of quartz to give an ample amount of counter-space and visual appeal.

Other classic farmhouse characteristics can be seen in the reclaimed wood mantels, barn doors and shiplap walls.

Location, location, location!

Situated along the 12th hole at the Reserve Vineyard and Golf Course, the setting is divine and serine. Wide open spaces and natural lighting are setting the tone for calm and peaceful living. After building homes for the Street of Dreams over the past decade, this is the first time I’ve been part of a master planned community of this size and stature.

Our house Fairway Manor along with the other five Street of Dreams homes are the first to be constructed in the massive South Hillsboro development — a project to include 8,000 new homes, bringing upwards of 20,000 people to Hillsboro in the years to come.

Tiffany Home Design

Joelle Jarvis and Brittainy Tiffany of Tiffany Home Design helped us create the “family home” the clients were looking for. The design elements chosen throughout the house aimed to give that English farmhouse feel, but Joelle and Brittainy were also inspired by European flavor. The final product was a timeless feel throughout the home.

Some of their personal favorite design features include the beautiful solarium, that plays off of the greenery overlooking the golf course, helping to “create a calming space anyone could recreate.”

Other stunning design favorites are the rich oak floors complimenting the large stone fireplace located in the great room, and the beams throughout the home to create an old-world feel in the midst of today’s busy lifestyle. “This home was unique because Fairway Manor was pre-owned, so we worked very closely with the buyer.”

Ask Me Anything!

One common question is whether I can replicate the custom homes that our team has constructed for the Street of Dreams. The answer is a resounding “yes!” But we truly want create a dream space for your specific needs, that’s what a custom build is all about.

Perhaps, you are focused on entertaining for work or events, or maybe you want a huge master bedroom and suite, replacing living space. It’s all about customization; it’s also about location. Another common question surrounds the area.

Yes, we can build anywhere.

Just because the Street of Dreams only lasts a month, doesn’t mean our crews take the next several months off.

Send us a note about your dream home. We’d love to hear from you. Our team can build luxury homes in Bethany, Lake Oswego, Bend or anywhere in between!