Building on a Steep Slope Lot? Read This First

Photo: Wally Gobetz Once you find the perfect lot for your dream home, it’s important to have it reviewed by an expert who can explain the design possibilities as well as the potential obstacles that may come with building on the lot. If your lot happens to be on a steep slope, the builder may [...]

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A Virtual Tour of the American Spirit | 2014 Street of Dreams

We invite you to take a 720º  virtual tour through the beautiful American Spirit on the 2014 Street of Dreams in Happy Valley, Oregon. Click below to explore the two-story home we at Westlake Development designed. Clicking the blue dots will take you to the welcoming great room, expansive kitchen, plush master bedroom, upstairs rec room, and spacious patio (which [...]

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Working with Your Home Builder

For many, building a custom home is as exciting as it is scary. It’s a commitment that requires time, money and patience. A common fear for homeowners is that by the end of the process, the home will be more reflective of the builder’s style than their own. The truth is, this can happen! That’s [...]

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