Owner of Westlake Development Group, LLC, Gerald Rowlett, has a passion for buying local and building local, which he promotes through his nonprofit organization, Building A Better America Council. He has adopted a strategy known as SEE, which stands for: Social, Economic and Environmental Impact.

In celebration of Made in America Month this July 2014, we invite you to make a commitment to support our community by buying local!

Below we explain why we choose American Made products for our homes and how it positively impacts the SEE values.


Quality – Building a Home to Last a Lifetime

When you commit to building a custom home, you want it to last a lifetime.  One way to ensure that, is to select high quality products for your home. According to the United States Department of Commerce, inputs from a foreign supply chain may lead to lower product quality and costly returns.

Westlake development has built strong relationships with local manufacturers who stand behind their products and consistently produce innovative products that are built to last.


Social Impact – Building a Better Community

Building relationships with manufacturers and vendors of local and American made products forms a greater sense of community and pride in our country. These relationships with local vendors also create better experiences for clients who can be trusted to provide reliable and superior customer service.


Economic Impact – Building a Stronger Economy

Did you know that if all builders committed to using 5% more American made materials it would create 220,000 more construction jobs? As a member of the Building A Better America Council, Westlake Development Group LLC commits to using at least 90% American Made products in all of their homes, which supports our community and boosts our economy.


Environmental Impact – Building a Sustainable Future

Choosing local and American made products reduces the carbon footprint from shipping goods overseas, which improves the long-term condition of our environment. Shipping locally also reduces delivery costs and may help to prevent miscommunication and delays in the process. Together we can create a cleaner, more sustainable future by buying local!

This year’s Street of Dreams home, the American Spirit,  built by Westlake Development and designed by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, has created 6 new direct jobs and 9 new indirect jobs, just by choosing to use American made products. It also boasts one of the lowest carbon footprints in the country! Westlake Development’s buy local, build local mentality makes dreams come true for not only the homeowner, but for individuals in our community, too!