Kengo Kuma is a world-renowned Japanese architect. He is world-renowned for his work on projects like the Suntory Museum of Art, the LVMH Group’s headquarters in Japan, and many other innovative and breathtaking designs. He’s even designed a three-tiered, 80,000-seat wooden lattice stadium for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020!

Recently Westlake Development was honored to partner with Mr. Kuma and his firm, Kengo Kuma & Associates. For Street of Dreams, 2018, Kengo Kuma & Associates designed Suteki House, one of the most striking designs we’ve ever had the privilege to work on.

In less than 5 months, we completed this incredibly complex project and exceeded the expectations of the designers. We recently received two letters of endorsement from Kengo Kuma himself as well as Balazs Bognar, Partner at the firm.

Owner of Westlake Development, Gerald Rowlett, was described by Kengo Kuma as “a craftsman at heart, who helped us realize our dream of quality and materiality.” Balazs Bognar said of Gerald, “Most impressive was his calm demeanor and command throughout, like the calm eye in the center of the storm.”

We’re thrilled to share the letters in their entirety below!

Click on the letters to view the full sized PDF