If you have to decide between an older home versus a custom home, this list is for you! Older homes full of charm and historical features are a great choice if you’re willing to invest in renovations and unexpected repairs. But with a custom home, you can replace those worries with a move-in ready home that will last a lifetime.


Here are a list of seven things you can kiss goodbye when you go custom:

1. Wasted Energy

Energy-efficient heating and cooling systems are becoming more desirable. Not only do they have a positive impact on the environment, but they also save you money. A custom home allows the option of constructing everything, from the ceiling to the floor, in a way that prevents air from escaping through the cracks. This allows your heat and AC to work more efficiently while lowering your energy bill.


2. The Need for Light

Older homes often lack adequate lighting and even outlets for lamps, not to mention all of our other electronics. With a custom home, recessed lighting can easily be installed in the places you need it most. Lighting is another great opportunity to save energy by choosing natural forms of light with large windows, skylights and tubular lighting.


3. Small Bathrooms

According to This Old House, the average size of a bathroom in an older home is 5 x 8 feet. New bathrooms are nearly twice as big to offer more counter space and storage. With a new home, the size of a bathroom is up to you — we can add built-in cabinets for your appliances and cosmetics. Let’s not forget a walk-in shower, too!


4. Cramped Kitchens

Kitchen design has significantly evolved over time from an unseen necessity to the heart of the home. Open-concept floor plans with a connected kitchen and living space are becoming more desirable, as the kitchen has become the prime gathering place for family and friends. With a custom home, you can work with your builder to create a kitchen that best suits your lifestyle with the appliances, storage, and working space you need.


5. Major Repairs

With a new home, you are less likely to experience the inconvenience of major home repairs, such as a leaky roof or bad foundation — common concerns with an older home. With a new home, you have a fresh start. Knowing that your builder used quality materials and followed current safety codes will give you peace of mind.


6. Worn Out Appliances

It’s no secret that newer appliances usually mean less maintenance and repairs. Although outdated appliances can be replaced in older homes, you may discover that finding the right size of appliance is an issue. A custom home can be built around your favorite appliances. Energy-efficient options are more widely available, too – another great opportunity to reduce costs and positively impact the environment!


7. Outdated Design

There are gorgeous older homes with undeniable charm…and then there are some that are simply outdated, much of which can’t be improved upon without serious renovations. By choosing to build a home, you get to be involved in designing an up-to-date home with features and conveniences that are unique to you and your family.

When you choose to build a custom home, you don’t have to sacrifice charm. Gerald Rowlett is dedicated to making your home unique with every detail that you desire, using the highest quality materials and energy efficient products.


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