Do you want a home that fits you perfectly? Would you like to gaze upon your favorite view every morning when you get out of bed? Do you want to invest in a home that will last a lifetime and more?

When you build a custom home that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Creating the perfect living space is one of the most rewarding and important things we do in life.

Read this post to learn 6 reasons why building a custom home allows you to create a house that satisfies all of your desires. Instead of compromising on a pre built house.

Location & Privacy:

Location can make, or break, a home.

Finding the perfect home in a location that provides the view, privacy, and conveniences that work for your lifestyle is nearly impossible. With a custom home you get the best of both worlds.

Your dream home – in a location that satisfies your needs.

Modern Day Conveniences:

You’re in the 21st Century now, your home should be too.

Houses are designed completely different these days to suit our modern lifestyles.

Elements like a larger kitchen provides a central gathering point in your home. Also, incorporating plenty of outlets in every room for your electronics and appliances make life easier.

When you build a custom home you get to create a floor plan that not only includes all of the details you desire, but keeps your home up-to-date with our 21st Century lifestyles.


One of a Kind Home:

Why waste time and money constantly updating someone else’s home to accommodate your needs?

When you build a custom home your personality and ideas are incorporated into every room. Allowing you to feel more at home in the house you built.

A custom home reflects your personality and is move-in ready upon completion.

Quality Craftsmanship:

A home is an investment that should be built to last a lifetime and more.

With a custom home you control the quality of supplies that are used. You can incorporate American made materials that are guaranteed to last.

Providing jobs and boosting our economy.

You will rest assured that your top quality home is an investment you can count on.

Unforgettable Experience:

Why spend months, or years, struggling to find the perfect home for you?

Building a custom home is an unforgettable and rewarding experience.

Working directly with a builder guarantees that your home will be built to meet your needs.

Allowing you to establish a long-term relationship and trust with the people who are building the home of your dreams.


Technology & Efficiency:

21st Century technology allows you to utilize convenience and efficiency throughout your entire home.

Automatic blinds, whole home automation, and a vanishing television are just a few of the cutting-edge technological features you get to integrate into your custom home.

Also, make a positive impact and save money by choosing energy efficient heating and cooling systems.

Your custom home will provide you with the ultimate convenience, luxury, and efficiency available.

Why Wait:

Now is the time to build the home of your dreams.

Turn to the experts at Westlake Development Group for all of you custom home building, fine remodeling, and steep slope construction needs.

We have been creating award-winning custom homes for nearly 30 years and take pride in our ability to provide a rewarding and successful design and build experience for home buyers just like you.

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